Training for fostering services

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Training for fostering services

FosterTalk currently offers two training courses for fostering service staff with further training courses on the horizon for 2019.

Staff training – allegations and concerns

FosterTalk provides staff training on understanding the supervising social worker’s role in managing allegations and standards of care concerns. This course will enable fostering service staff to identify key components to be able to produce a ‘good practice guide for managing allegations.’
Find out more about this course here.

Staff training supervision skills for supervising social workers
This one day course delivered by FosterTalk enables fostering service staff to explore any prejudices and ‘unconscious bias’ that may exist when supervising foster carers and allow them to reflect on their own practice and how this can be improved. This training will give social workers the skills to achieve effective supervision for both hard to engage foster carers as well as those where the relationship balance of being too friendly versus professional or overly critical is sometimes difficult to obtain.
Find out more about this course here.

Supervision skills for supervising social workers training dates
We have the following training dates available. Our interactive training workshops have a limited capacity and spaces are available on a first come first served basis. Members of FosterTalk will receive preferential rates.

E-mail for a booking form or call us on 01527 836910.


1-day ‘SeeMe.HearMe.KnowMe’™ Training

Capturing the Child’s View of their Lived World

FosterTalk have released a new training course, which aims to build the capacity of Social Workers and Foster Carers to communicate, engage, develop rapport and capture the voice of young children in care.
The workshop is supported by a range of ‘See Me. Hear Me. Know Me.’ practical toolkits, providing practitioners and Foster Carers with ready-to-use tools and techniques to apply directly to practice.

To find out more about this course, please click here.