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Foster carer training – allegations and Concerns 

FosterTalk offers training for foster carers on allegations, complaints and standards of care concerns.

The course will enable foster carers to understand the differences between an allegation, complaint or standards of care concern raised about them.They will be able to understand the processes involved in these situations along with the relevant legislation and National Minimum Standards and be able to learn how they can minimise the chances of being involved.

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£149 members – £199 non-members – Plus VAT – Full Day Course

Tax, Benefits & National Insurance Training

Tax, National Insurance & Benefits Training for Foster Carers.

A vital information session regarding Foster Carers Self Employment, Tax Returns, Benefits and National Insurance with our qualified accountant.

£55 members – £75 non-members – Plus VAT – Half Day Course

Child Sexual Exploitation Training

FosterTalk offer training on Responding Effectively to Issues of Child Sexual Exploitation and how this impacts on Missing from Care and other forms of Abuse. This course is aimed at Foster Carers who are caring for children and young people in both the local authority and statutory sectors.  The course provides an opportunity for Foster Carers to gain confidence and efficacy in dealing with this often complex and difficult field.  In detail, the course focuses on;

  • Identifying what is a Healthy Relationship
  • Definition of CSE and how this links to other forms of abuse and Missing from Care
  • The Concept of Consent
  • Risks of Sexual and Criminal Exploitation
  • Provide a Safe base to ensure children are protected as much as possible
  • To be able to describe the meaning of CSE and Child Criminal Exploitation and grooming
  • Identify Vulnerabilities in children/ young people and help safeguard them against CSE
  • To Consider strategies to support young people and work together as Professionals to minimise Risk

This course may also be adapted for social workers, supervising social workers and support workers who are involved in working with vulnerable children and young people.

£149 members – £199 non-members – Plus VAT- Full Day Course

Meeting the Educational Needs of Children

FosterTalk offers training for Foster Carers on meeting the educational needs of children in their care. The training has been devised by a former Head Teacher with considerable experience of supporting and working with children and young people in foster care and offers an invaluable opportunity for Foster Carers to gain insights into how they can ;-

  • Best support young people in their care to access and engage with education and achieve their potential
  • Understand the educational system and how the individual parts work together
  • Know where to get help and how to access support and information
  • Gain skills into advocating on behalf of the child and challenging the education system with confidence and without conflict

£149 members – £199 non-members – Plus VAT – Full Day Course

Men Who Foster

FosterTalk offers a training workshop for men who foster. This course has been developed and is delivered by male Foster Carers who have many years of experience of being involved in foster care.  The course runs from our Birmingham office, but is also ‘portable’ and can be offered within your organisation and to men’s Foster Carer groups.

By the end of the training participants will have

  • Shared and discussed experiences in relation to men and the caring role
  • Identified what a ‘positive role model’ means in practice
  • Considered risk issues for men in fostering
  • Considered gender roles, identity and differences
  • Explored additional areas for men who foster including sexuality and single male Foster Carers
  • Explored ways to support men in foster care

£149 members – £199 non-members – Plus VAT – Full Day Course

Life Story Work Training

FosterTalk offers training to Foster Carers aimed to assist them to understand their role in Life Story work. It offers an opportunity for new and experienced Foster Carers to consider the importance of this task and to equip them with skills to carry out it effectively.

By the end of the training participants will be able to apply learning to:

  • Understanding why life story work is used
  • Understanding the importance of life story work
  • Understanding the role of the Foster Carer in life story work
  • Facilitating life story work with children and young people
  • Involvement in writing later life letters
  • Working collaboratively to effectively carry out life story work

£149 members – £199 non-members – Plus VAT – Full Day Course