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With FosterTalk’s pre-approval membership, prospective foster carers can access unlimited professional independent advice, information and support during the assessment and training process. Prospective foster carers will be able to speak confidentially to FosterTalk advisors and can use the services as often as they need to.

Pre-approval membership aims to support prospective foster carers through the assessment process to answer important questions they may have around their new vocation and encourage them to complete the process until approval.

Once approved, pre-approval memberships will be extended to include full legal expenses insurance cover for carer 1 and carer 2, the carer’s birth children and parents as well as any dependent members of the fostering household.

FosterTalk’s pre-approval membership includes access to:


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Choose FosterTalk if you want a partner who will support foster carer 24-hours a day, while working with you to improve outcomes for everyone. Contact us today to discuss your carer membership support by calling 01527 836 910, or for further information complete our online enquiry form.