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Our Fostering Advice Helpline is a confidential, impartial advisory service for FosterTalk members, provided by qualified Social Workers with a background in adoption and fostering.

How can the Fostering Advice Helpline help you?

The Fostering Advice Helpline provides support to foster carers, and our qualified Social Workers can help you to clarify policy and procedure, talk you through the next steps to take in concerning situations and provide you with the information needed to make an informed decision.

Our aim is to minimise disruption of placements, retain foster carers and provide professional and knowledgeable support at a time when fostering services are under pressure and facing cuts.

The Fostering Advice Helpline receives calls about a range of issues including:

  • S47/Safeguarding issues.
  • Allegations and complaints against foster carers or family members.
  • Children being moved from placement.
  • Historical allegations.
  • “Standards of care” concerns.
  • Reviews of approval.
  • Terminations of Approval.
  • Appeals to the IRM.
  • Referral to the ISA.
  • Concerns about young people leaving care.
  • Children’s Rights.
  • Payment of allowances.

The Fostering Advice Helpline promotes good practice by:

  • Providing information and clarification about regulations and standards and where possible each Fostering Service Provider’s own policies and procedures (where these have been provided to us).
  • Encouraging dialogue between the foster carer and their fostering service in order to resolve issues.
  • Facilitating a referral for an AST (Allegations Support Team) Advisor where the Fostering Service Provider has contracted for this service.
  • Maintaining an open and honest dialogue with Foster Carers which enables them to fully engage with the process.
  • Maintains confidentiality at all times unless a child or a foster carer is at risk of harm.

What our Members say:

“Just being able to talk to someone independent who clarified the process of an investigation for me was a huge support” foster carer

Foster Carer members – Access to the FosterTalk Member’s helplines, (Legal, financial, medical, counselling, tax/ benefits, and access to member’s discounts are available exclusively for members. Please login for access.


FosterTalk provides a wide range of advice and information leaflets for members on topics such as

  • Advocacy for looked after children.
  • Fostering unaccompanied asylum seeking children and young people.
  • Preparing young people for leaving foster care/Staying Put.
  • Permanency options.
  • Kinship Care.
  • Special Guardianship Orders.
  • Insurance for foster carers.
  • Fostering Legislation.

These can be accessed by logging into the member’s area here