Fostering News // February 05th 2019

Care Leavers 2017-18 – Northern Ireland

by FosterTalk Admin on February 05th 2019

The Department of Health (DoH) in Northern Ireland has published a statistical bulletin summarising information on care leavers in Northern Ireland for the year ending 31 March 2018. Key figures for 2017-18 include:

  • There were 313 care leavers aged 16-18 (compared to 329 in 2016-17) and 236 care leavers aged 19 (compared to 253 in 2016-17).
  • 25% of care leavers aged 16-18 and 32% aged 19 were still living with their former foster carers (kinship and non-kinship), the majority in GEM (Going the Extra Mile) placements
  • Of care leavers for whom information was available, half (50%) of those aged 16-18 were in education or training, 12% were working and 38% were unemployed or economically inactive, and 65% of those aged 19 were in education, training or employment.

The full statistical bulletin and accompanying tables are available on the DoH website.