Different types of Fostering Provider

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In order to better understand fostering, it’s important to understand that there are different types of Fostering Service Provider. Whichever you choose to register with is entirely your decision.

The three main types of Fostering Service Provider are as follows: Local Authorities, Independent Fostering Agencies (IFA), and voluntary organisations.

If you’re new to fostering, we recommend that you take your time to decide which type of Fostering Service Provider best suits your specific circumstances and requirements. Think about all the factors that are important to you. How much support will you receive? How competitive is the fostering fee that is paid? How warmly received are your initial enquiries? How much help did you receive for any queries?

We recommend you talk to at least three different organisations in your area in order to compare this, which will help you to decide which path is right for you. Always ask your Fostering Service Provider about membership to FosterTalk.