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We believe it’s vital for foster carers to have a say in decisions that affect their lives. That’s we work hard to ensure that your voice is heard as much as any other childcare professional.

Our website will keep you up to date with the latest consultations taking place on fostering related issues, so that you can comment on proposed changes that may affect you or the children and young people you care for.

We also work closely with policy-making teams across the UK to share your opinions and concerns with the people who make important decisions on your behalf.




Northern Ireland


State of children’s rights 2018 – call for evidence

The Children’s Rights Alliance for England (CRAE) has launched a call for written evidence to inform the State of children’s rights 2018 report. Areas of interest include: safeguarding children, including violence against children; immigration, asylum and trafficking; health (including mental health) and disability.

The deadline for submissions is 14 September 2018.

Source: CRAE



Survey of children’s social workers


The British Association of Social Workers (BASW) and the Office of the Children’s Commissioner (OCC) are carrying out a survey to assess how much direct time social workers spend with children and families. The survey closes on 03 April 2018.

Source: BASW Date: 12 March 2018

Further information: Survey Monkey