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We believe it’s vital for foster carers to have a say in decisions that affect their lives. That’s we work hard to ensure that your voice is heard as much as any other childcare professional.

Our website will keep you up to date with the latest consultations taking place on fostering related issues, so that you can comment on proposed changes that may affect you or the children and young people you care for.

We also work closely with policy-making teams across the UK to share your opinions and concerns with the people who make important decisions on your behalf.




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Call for foster carers to take part in research

The Rees Centre at the University of Oxford is looking for foster carers and their supervising social workers to take part in a research project looking at the foster carer attributes that are associated with successful foster placements. For more information about the research please click here.

This research aims to achieve a deeper understanding of successful fostering, through analysing which foster carers’ attributes are associated with looked after children’s emotional, social and behavioural outcomes and potential for placement stability. It will test out standardised measures which could be useful in future for the selection and training process of foster carers. It will also look at the relationship between foster carers’ attributes and looked after children’s outcomes in England and in Portugal.

What are the benefits for your fostering agency?

Your collaboration in this research is very valuable. To start, the researcher can offer a training session about placement success to the foster carers that take part in this study. After the study is completed, the researcher will offer to spend a day in your service, with social workers and foster carers, where the main findings will be presented, and training can be provided.

In the longer term you will be contributing towards a deeper understanding of the factors associated with looked after children’s outcomes and placement stability. This study may contribute to the use of standardised questionnaires for the selection and training processes of foster carers.

What are the benefits for your foster carers?

The foster carers that decide to take part in this study will attend a training session, will receive a packet of Portuguese tea and will be entered in a draw for one of ten £50 vouchers.

If you wish to be involved in this study or if you would like to receive further information please get in touch with Vania Pinto.