On May 28th 2020, the UK held the first solidarity protest in London to support race inequality in light of the death of George Floyd in America. Since this date, we have seen and heard about protests, marches and demonstrations that have taken place all over the country. Anti-racist-protesters and activists have called for an end to racism and inequality against Black people. At present much of the country has been divided in their response to these protests and marches, and this has been highlighted by Prime Minister Boris Johnson who says’ the UK ‘is not a racist country’. Nevertheless, the lived experiences from a cross section of the BAME (Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic) community show opinions would differ.



Many children will be seeing images and conversations about the protesting, demonstrations and the portrayal of violence on the TV and Social Media. Therefore, it is our responsibility and yours as foster carers to have open discussions about current affairs and topics that are shaping the world we live in. However, for you to engage in these conversations we need to understand these matters and be able to translate them into a language that children will understand.



Talking about race and racism is not an easy topic to approach, therefore we have created this guide to support you to start the conversation about race inequality, privilege, and to challenge racism. We have also provided a list of useful resources to assist you on your journey to widen your knowledge. We at FosterTalk understand that this guide will not answer all your questions, therefore we have developed a course on diversity to empower you to have discussions and continue to be role models for your foster children.

In response to the recent resurfacing of the #BLM movement, we have put together a helpful Black Lives Matter & Equality leaflet to help promote Equality throughout the fostering sector!


Read the leaflet here!