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FosterTalk provides the widest range of foster carer support services available. That’s because we’re 100% focused on one thing, and that’s supporting you in your fostering career.

What do we offer?

We have tailored our services to cover most aspects of the fostering role. That means from legal advice to accountancy advice to hundreds of high street discounts, we play our part in supporting the overall fostering experience for our members.

What types of membership do we offer?

We offer the following memberships to:

  • Full or Retired membership for approved foster carers
  • Pre-Approval Membership for prospective foster carers
  • Special Guardians Membership
  • Organisational Membership for Fostering Service Staff and Social Workers

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What our members and service provider managers say about the benefits of FosterTalk membership:

What our members say about the benefits of FosterTalk membership:


What Fostering service provider managers say about the benefits of FosterTalk membership:

What types of membership do we offer?

We offer 2 types of membership, Full or Retired.

What benefits do we offer?

Foster Carer Membership packages:

Full Foster Carer memberships benefit the whole household and includes:

Retired Foster Carer Membership

Comprehensive Legal Protection Insurance– covering you, your partner and extended family members for legal costs in connection with your role as a foster carer and provides specialist solicitor(s), in the event of:

  • Arrest & Interview under caution
  • Defence against Criminal prosecution
  • Defence against Civil claims
  • Legal assistance to represent your case against a recommendation to the barred list (DBS).

You will also have access to a 24 hour legal helpline and continue to receive a complimentary copy of the FosterTalk quarterly magazine.

Pre-Approval Membership

Pre-approval membership aims to support prospective foster carers through the assessment process to answer important questions they may have around their new vocation and encourage them to complete the process until approval.

With FosterTalk’s pre-approval membership, prospective foster carers can access unlimited professional independent advice, information and support during the assessment and training process. Prospective foster carers will be able to speak confidentially to FosterTalk advisors and can use the services as often as they need to.

Once approved, pre-approval memberships will be extended to include full legal expenses insurance cover for carer 1 and carer 2, the carer’s birth children and parents as well as any dependent members of the fostering household.

FosterTalk’s pre-approval membership includes:

Special Guardians Membership

If you’ve recently taken on an SGO or if you’re considering it, it is worth understanding that special guardians can face the same types of allegations as foster carers.

The FosterTalk SGO membership provides a range of specialist support services to support Special Guardians with information and advice around Special Guardianship Orders. Including advice and support on the practicalities and legal framework surrounding SGO’s.
Your membership will also include:

  • £25,000 legal expenses insurance for defence against a civil claim resulting from an allegation associated to the child£10,000 legal representation at interview under caution
  • £10,000 legal representation at interview under caution
  • £12,000 legal expenses insurance against discharge challenge to order in court
  • Arrest and interview assistance
  • 24 hour legal advice service (on any matter)
  • General SGO advice helpline
  • Tax/Accountancy/Benefits support service
  • 24 hour counselling support line
  • 24 hour medical/first aid advice line
  • Education support service
  • Personal finance advice (mortgages, pensions, savings, etc.)
  • 4,500+ discounts on lifestyle products and service

FosterTalk SGO Membership is available for fostering services to purchase on behalf of individuals taking on a Special Guardianship Order, or it is available for you to sign up as an individual. Either way, you will have access to the most up to date information and advice relating to Special Guardianships.

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