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In 2019, FosterTalk will host a series of Fostering Focus Days in venues across the UK, focusing on topics that are of interest to both foster carers and fostering services. Previous Fostering Focus Days have concentrated on foster carer finances and allegations against foster carers.


Fostering Focus Day – Foster Carer Finances

This Fostering Focus Day deals with financial issues such as: tax, self-assessment, National Insurance, benefits, mortgages and pensions in relation to fostering.

Our tax expert and personal finance advisor will provide interactive presentations to assist new and existing foster carers. Our experts will also be able to advise on ‘Staying Put’ finance issues, which is a key question being asked about on our helplines.

Fosterline England receives the highest number of calls about financial issues from current and prospective foster carers. Can I afford to become a foster carer? is a question that is frequently asked. FosterTalk’s own helpline also receives the highest number of calls (65%) from current foster carers seeking advice on their financial affairs.

Our seminar will help you understand the financial complexities facing current foster carers and those considering fostering.


Fostering Focus Day – Allegations

Approximately 2,500 allegations of abuse are made against foster carers annually in the UK. 77% of subsequent investigations are closed as unproven (Biehal et al, 2014). Families experience severe disruption and many carers resign from fostering following an allegation. On this Fostering Focus Day, you can learn more about allegations against foster carers and how to offer support.

This Fostering Focus Day aims to share and inform:


Prices and how to book

The fostering focus days are priced at £15 per person for FosterTalk members and £20 per person for non-members. The price includes drinks, lunch as well as valuable information. To register your interest in our Fostering Focus Days, please inform us where you are located in the country and whether you would like to attend the finance or allegations focus day or maybe even both focus days. We will then contact you as soon as the dates are released. Contact us via e-mail: or phone us on 01527 836910.

Feedback from our fostering focus days

“Very knowledgeable presenters, friendly staff, useful opportunity to network, thank you.” Fostering Team Manager for a local authority 

“Excellent presentations about myth busting and benefits/staying put – very clearly delivered, excellent knowledge.” Foster carer

“Excellent, would definitely attend any future roadshow events and would recommend anyone else to attend.” Director of an independent fostering agency

“Great information about tax and National Insurance” Foster carer

“Amazing information that I will be passing onto prospective foster carers. Fab venue, lovely lunch, nice to meet carers and social workers.” Social worker for a local authority

“Today’s event was extremely helpful in terms of information shared and service available to foster carers.” Social worker for a local authority

“Really informative, enjoyed the group and program of events.” Team Manager for a local authority

Fostering Focus Day

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