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FosterTalk offers training on allegations for social work staff working with Foster Carers. The training offers an opportunity to understand the implications of allegations against Foster Carers, as well as the impact upon them. The course will also enable participants to identify key components to include in their planning for and approach to dealing with allegations and in the production of a good practice guide.

The aims and objectives of the course include :

  • For SSWs to understand their role when working with their Foster Carers who are facing standards of care concerns and allegations
  • To consider some good practice principles
  • To understand the difference between independent support and the role of the SSW
  • To gain a greater understanding of the role of independent support
  • To refresh and remind SSW’s of the Regulations and the National Minimum Standards that apply

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understanding the difference between an allegation and a standard of care concern
  • Knowing how to access independent support
  • Learning relevant Regulations and National Minimum Standards
  • Understanding the impact on Foster Carers – what helps
  • Identifying good practice, and practice to avoid
  • Put learning into practice using case studies and discussions

To find out more about training, email or call 0121 758 5013!