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FosterTalk is the UK’s leading provider of support services for foster carers.

The foster care journey is challenging and unique for every child, young person and carer. We understand the importance of providing services which are welcoming, trusted, reliable, knowledgeable and innovative.

FosterTalk is the Centre of Excellence UK for the Martin James Foundation and associated group and recognised as the “go to” organisation for fostering advice, practice guidance, training and independent support for both foster parents and fostering services alike.

FosterTalk also delivers Fosterline, the free independent advice and support service on behalf of the Department for Education. Fosterline is free to access for all foster parents and those thinking of becoming foster parents in England. Call 0800 040 7675
or visit the website.


If you are already fostering you will be aware that fostering children & young people can be both challenging & rewarding, & FosterTalk believes that all foster carers should have access to effective support networks & resources to help them in their fostering role.


As the leading membership organisation for foster carers and their families, FosterTalk is committed to supporting them so that they can offer the highest standards of care and ensure positive outcomes for the children they care for.


FosterTalk offers locally based, independent Advisors to provide face to face support, advice advocacy and or mediation for foster families during difficult times such as allegations and complaints.

Visions & Values

Our drive is the continued push for improvement, keeping the child at the heart of foster care. Our services are devoted to supporting the team around the child to truly improve the welfare and opportunities for all children and young people in care.

FosterTalk has maintained the same independent, non-profit legal status since its creation. It is Limited by Guarantee, meaning that any ‘surplus’ is reinvested back into the business to benefit its service users as dictated in the company’s legal Memorandum and Articles of Association.

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Why FosterTalk?

A positive safe family environment is an expectation for all children, however many children and young people are deprived of that essential component in their journey through childhood. Our ethos is that by providing high quality independent support to foster parents we enable them to focus on their crucial role of caring for vulnerable children and young people. We believe that every child should have the opportunity to live in a caring family environment and to have access to all the same opportunities as other children and young people in the community. By supporting foster parents and the services surrounding them we can help them achieve the very best outcomes for looked after children.

We know how important it is to listen to and understand our service users, which is why we work in partnership with foster parents and fostering teams to develop our services. It’s our way of ensuring that we offer a flexible, responsive approach that best meets the needs of foster carers and the children in their care.

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