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Should I use a Tax Advisor

Benefits of using an accountant

If you seek professional advice when completing your tax return, you remove the burden of completing it yourself so you can concentrate on the more important tasks in hand.  You don’t have to sit there for hours making sure you have read the correct legislation, instead you can hand it to someone who is already knowledgeable and trained to deal with tax affairs every day.

Although we specialise in foster carer tax, we also have the knowledge and experience to help you with the more common areas of tax:

  • Rental property income
  • Investment income
  • Other Self-Employment income
  • Social Security Benefits
  • National Insurance

Risks of not using an accountant

With tax legislation constantly changing it would be very easy to make a costly mistake if you choose to complete your tax return yourself.  Tax can be a difficult area and with a lot of nuances that could make a significant impact on your financial position.

You may have received correspondence from HMRC stating that you are no longer required to fill in a tax return.  This cannot always be taken at face value because if your circumstances have changed you may need to file a tax return.  A tax advisor can help in this instance.

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