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Thinking of becoming a FosterTalk member?

Read about our comprehensive Foster Carer support and employee support services.

Become a member

Become a member of FosterTalk today to benefit from our comprehensive support services.

Whether you’re a Foster Carer or an employee of Fostering Service Provider, you can benefit from our 24-hour legal, medical and counselling assistance. FosterTalk also offers member discounts on a wide range of brands and services, as well as membership to our FosterTalk magazine and forums.

FosterTalk provides a unique variety of member services to people working in fostering. Contact FosterTalk today to find out more.

Become a Foster Carer member with FosterTalk

For Foster Carers looking to become a member of FosterTalk, you can benefit from a large number of support services. We understand that being a Carer can be a demanding, and often isolating, role. With FosterTalk, you can feel supported in every aspect of your fostering career from everyday discussions and issues, to high quality legal assistance in the event of an allegation or complaint. You can also take advantage of hundreds of offers on shopping, leisure and travel.

Become a Foster Carer member and take advantage of these benefits straight away.

Become an employee member of FosterTalk

For employees of a Fostering Service Provider, FosterTalk offers our Employee Assistance Programme which provides benefits that are tailored to your everyday needs. Fostering Service Providers deliver a vital service and we know that, as a part of the team, your work deserves to be appreciated and acknowledged.

Whether you’re looking for discounts on travel, days out and shopping, or financial, legal and emotional support, FosterTalk can provide the services you need, when you need them.

Become an employee member today to explore our wide range of offers.

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