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FosterTalk Services in Scotland

FosterTalk is an independent not-for-profit organisation providing the most comprehensive package of independent advice and support available to Foster Carers and employees of over 70 Fostering Services Providers throughout England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Become a member of FosterTalk in Scotland

All of our member services are available to Foster Carers and employees of Fostering Services Providers in Scotland either on an individual basis or through your employer’s partnership with FosterTalk. Our services include legal helplines, counselling and medical helplines, financial and tax advice, and hundreds of exclusive member discounts on a wide range of shopping, health, travel, finances, and leisure activities. Why not become a FosterTalk member in Scotland today?

Get involved with our Forums

As well as having access to the Public Forum, become a Foster Carer member with FosterTalk and you’ll have exclusive access to our Foster Carer Forum. Here you can discuss all the everyday things that matter to you with fellow Foster Carers who can advise or support you. Once you’ve become a member, just sign in with your username and password and start posting!

Have YOUR Say

Our Have YOUR Say service provides our Foster Carers and Fostering Service Provider employees in Scotland the chance to be heard on the topics that matter to them. We’ve launched Have YOUR Say because we feel it’s vital that you’re listened to and understood by policy makers, MPs and other regulators. We understand how important it is to you to ensure the views of those directly affected are taken on board and that fostering is afforded the same respect as every other child care profession.

Foster Care Independent Support Service (FISS) in Scotland

In addition to our Foster Carer memberships, FosterTalk provides the Foster Carers Independent Support Service (FISS) in Scotland which enables Foster Carers who are facing allegations, complaints or concerns about their practice to be provided with an independent person to support them throughout the process. Your FISS Advisor can provide you with emotional and practical support at this difficult time, accompany you to meetings and write letters and reports on your behalf.  FosterTalk provides the FISS Service in partnership with your Fostering Service Provider, so if you would like more information or think that you may need a FISS Advisor, please contactFosterTalk for advice.

Find out more about FosterTalk in Scotland

For more information about FosterTalk services in Scotland, please enquire online today or contact us on 01527 836 910.

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