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FISS - Foster Carers Independent Support Service

FISS is a dedicated service that ensures a joined up approach between agency, Foster Carer, and the crucial support that is required.

FISS aims to raise standards of practice across the fostering sector by providing independent professional support to Foster Carers when they need it most.

Comissioning FISS will vastly improve the retention of Foster Carers who have faced an allegation or serious complaint.

  • FISS will deliver a cost effective solution in assisting Fostering Service Providers to provide their Carers with independent support during difficult situations.
  • FISS Advisors are qualified practitioners.
  • FISS Advisors are trained, supervised and supported.
  • FISS will demonstrate your commitment to your Foster Carers and the essential and sometimes isolating work they do.
  • FISS overcomes the ‘no support’ complaints.
  • FISS assists with communication during difficult, emotional and conflict fuelled times.

How FosterTalk can help you

Reports suggest that one in three Foster Carers have been accused and faced an allegation during their career with many Foster Carers giving up fostering due to how the situation had been handled.

FISS enables Foster Carers to engage with the process and helps them to feel more positive and in control of their situation. Foster Carers who had decided to give up fostering have often reconsidered after receiving FISS support and have continued fostering.

FISS can be spot purchased by Fostering Service Providers at competitive hourly rates.

If you would like further information, please call 01527 836 910. Or make a referral or contact FosterTalk today.

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