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Did you know that FosterTalk works in partnership with over 80 Fostering Service Providers supporting over 10,000 foster families in the UK?

Fostering Information

Fostering is a way of providing a nurturing and safe environment for somebody else’s child in your own home when they are unable to live with their birth family. Fostering is a selfless task and it takes certain specific qualities in a person to become a Foster Carer.

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Could you foster?

Whether your child has fled the nest and left an empty bedroom or you’re looking for a change of career, fostering provides a rewarding opportunity for you to make a real and lasting difference to a child or young person’s life.

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Our advice if you're looking to foster

Write down all the questions you want answers for. Deciding to foster is an important decision for you, your family and the children and young people you will have in your home, so take the time to think about what you need to know. Ask your Fostering Service Provider about membership to FosterTalk when you apply to foster.

Contact at least three different registered Fostering Service Providers in your area, whether they be a Local Authority, an Indepedent Fostering Agency or a voluntary organisation. Note how you are responded to by the people you speak to. This can be an important indicator of how you will be treated as a foster carer. Ask any questions you have at this point. There is no such thing as a silly question, so you should feel free to explore any thoughts or issues.

Some fostering organisations may ask if they can make an appointment to visit you straight away to undertake what they call an ‘initial visit’. That may feel OK, but don’t be pressurised if you don’t feel ready. Ask for information packs to be sent so that you can compare and contrast what is provided by the different organisations.

Don't be afraid to contact the organisations again with any questions you have. Fostering Service Providers want to recruit foster carers, so should be happy to help you by providing information with no obligation on your part.

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