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Here at FosterTalk you might have heard us talk about something called FIZZ. We might have told you that we recommend FIZZ and that FIZZ is the best kind of independent support available for Foster Carers facing an allegation.

What you might be wondering is… what on earth is FIZZ? What has FIZZ got to do with anything!

Well to clear it up, it’s not FIZZ. It’s actually pronounced FIZZ, but what we’re talking about is FISS, which stands for Foster Carers Independent Support Service.

FISS (or FIZZ!) offers locally based, independent advisors to provide support and advocate for foster families during difficult times such as allegations and complaints.

Why FosterTalk offer FISS (or FIZZ!)

Reports suggest that as many as one in three Foster Carers have been accused and faced an allegation during their fostering career, with many more going on to resign as a result.

If you come to us an allegation, we’ll start talking about FIZZ, and recommending that you seriously considering talking to our FIZZ advisors. That’s because, at FosterTalk, we believe that providing the best support during these difficult times makes the process clearer and easier for everyone involved.

So remember; when we talk about FIZZ, and how we much we think FIZZ can help you in your fostering career, and how much we recommend this so-called FIZZ, what we mean is Foster Carers Independent Support Service.

It’s FISS you need, not FIZZ.

Find out more about FISS or ‘FIZZ’.

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