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Reasons for allegations against foster carers

Allegations against Foster Carers are made for a number of reasons. Family members and birth children, as well as the Foster Carer, can be at risk of accusations of ill treatment or neglect.

Foster care is a 24/7 commitment that takes place in the Foster Carer’s home. It requires giving a great deal of time and attention to young people who may have a range of behavioural issues or complex needs. In this close and often delicate environment, allegations against Foster Carers can be made at any time and for any number of reasons.

The reasoning behind allegations can vary. Sometimes birth parents make allegations as they believe this may cause the child to be returned home. Sometimes children in foster care will make allegations because they also believe that this will enable them to go home. Other times, it is because they are unhappy with their placement and want to move, or it could be for another reason entirely. The motives behind allegations are often varied and it is only in a minority of cases that they are found to be true.

Types of Allegations

The main types of allegations being brought against Foster Carers and their families include:

  • Physical abuse
  • Poor standards of care
  • Sexual abuse
  • Emotional abuse

National Minimum Standards and Best Practice Guidance seek to ensure that Foster Carers are provided with independent support throughout the process of the investigation and in dealing with the aftermath. Foster Talk works with fostering services to provide independent support to Foster Carers through our Foster Carers Independent Support Service (FISS).

Support for Foster Carers

At Foster Talk we believe that providing the best possible support during these difficult times can make the process clearer and more manageable for everyone involved. FISS therefore provides all the necessary help and support for Foster Carers who find themselves in this situation, enabling them to feel more in control.

To talk to someone about becoming a member of FISS or for more information, please call Foster Talk on 01527 836 910.

Research into Allegations

FosterTalk has recently commissioned a small scale research study into the impact of allegations against foster carers which was carried out on our behalf by the Rees Centre at Oxford University. This research entitled “Pilot Study into the impact of allegations made against foster carers who accessed FISS or FosterTalk Services” can be downloaded here.

The NSPCC has also published some research into allegations called “Keeping Children Safe: Allegations concerning the abuse or neglect of children in Care” This was carried out by the University of York and can be accessed here.

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