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Allegations against Foster Carers

Foster Care can be a truly rewarding career with lots of benefits. It’s also a huge commitment and one that is not without problems. Because of the nature of fostering, procedure for safeguarding children is, naturally, a priority. This can put Foster Carers at risk of facing allegations at some time during their fostering career.

When allegations against Foster Carers arise, legally, an investigation must be launched to ensure the safety of the child in question. Although this is a necessary process, it can put the accused Foster Carer under considerable emotional strain.

While many allegations may prove unfounded, or are not upheld, the impact of the investigation may leave Foster Carers unable to carry on caring for children. The continuation of the Foster Carer’s career can depend highly on the level of support and help they receive from their fostering service throughout this process.

Carole’s Story

“After many years of fostering, having an allegation made about a member of my own family was the most awful experience that could have happened, but I had always regarded it as a possibility because of the very nature of care that we undertake.

As Foster Carers we all help many troubled people on their way through life. I had always been very aware and considered all issues for both the children in my care and for my own family, whilst following the safe care policies of social services thoroughly.

During my early years in fostering I was able to help another carer through a very similar experience that we were unknowingly going to go through 10 years later. For us, it all came out of the blue on a normal busy Friday night and without any details or explanations for a long period of time. We were not prepared enough for what we were about to face. You always think it won’t happen to you. The feeling of loneliness and abandonment, amongst other emotions, came over us and the lack of information was unbearable.

It’s likely that many carers that follow will have to face an allegation and this is the unpleasant side of fostering. Fortunately, FosterTalk was there to help us through a very confusing and worrying time.”

If you need help dealing with an allegation, or for more information on becoming a member of FISS, please contact FosterTalk on 01527 836 910.

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