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We’re nationwide! FosterTalk offers member support services throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.


Foster Carers Independent Support Service (FISS) offers locally based, independent Advisors to provide support, advocacy and or mediation for foster families during difficult times such as allegations and complaints.

FISS provides a practical approach that delivers a flexible and responsive service. It's a highly valued service for Foster Carer members and Fostering Service Providers alike.

Did you know?

Recent research by the University of York, (Sept 2010) suggests that around 5% of Foster Carers face an allegation each year during their fostering career, with many carers resigning due to the way in which allegations against them have been handled.

At FosterTalk, we believe that providing the best support during these difficult times makes the process clearer and easier for everyone involved, and assists with the retention of foster carers by enabling them to participate fully in the process.

FISS for Foster Carers

Our FISS Advisors can provide real support when and where it is needed. Our service includes:

  • The Advisor is independent of the fostering service
  • FISS will contact the carer within 24-hours of referral,
  • The Advisor will make personal visits to the Foster Carer's home if required,
  • The Advisor will liaise with key professionals as required
  • The Advisor will provide advice, support advocacy or mediation.
  • Support will be confidential, responsive and personal
  • Support can be provided for any member of the foster family, including sons and daughters and any adult members of the household 
  • The Advisor will attend meetings and panels with the foster carer as appropriate, 
  • By providing objective support and guidance, foster carers will be informed and supported throughout the process, enabling them to feel more positive and in control of the situation.

FISS for Fostering Providers

FISS is a dedicated service that ensures a joined up approach between agency, Foster Carer, and the crucial support that is required during investigations into allegations and serious complaints.

FISS aims to raise standards of practice across the fostering sector by providing independent professional support to Foster Carers when and where they need it most.

Commissioning FISS will vastly improve the retention of Foster Carers who have faced an allegation or serious complaint.

FISS will deliver a cost effective solution in assisting Fostering Service Providers to provide their Carers with independent support during difficult situations.

  • FosterTalk is a leading provider of independent support to foster carers
  • FISS enables fostering services to meet the requirements for independent support under National Minimum Standards and Best Practice Guidance.
  • FISS delivers a cost effective solution in assisting Fostering Service Providers to provide their Carers with independent support through spot purchase or contractual arrangements
  • The FISS Service is quality assured via regular monitoring and reviews
  • FISS assists with communication during difficult, emotional and conflict fuelled times, and includes advice, information, advocacy and/or mediation as required
  • FISS demonstrates your commitment to your foster carers and the work that they do, thereby enhancing recruitment and retention of foster carers
  • FISS Advisors have extensive fostering experience and relevant qualifications, and are managed by a professionally qualified and experienced manager.
  • FISS can be spot purchased by Fostering Service Providers at competitive hourly rates.

FISS can be spot purchased at any time and we guarantee a response within 24 hours of receipt of a referral, and the allocation of a locally based, trained and experienced FISS Advisor. Please contact us for further information, or use the online referral form below.

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Call us today to find out more on 01527 836 910.

Visit our dedicated FISS Advisor recruitment page for further information on working for FISS.

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