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Carer Feedback Form

Is having access to independent support services important to you ?

Your views on FosterTalk’s membership services and benefits are extremely important to us. It is essential that the services we provide are meeting your needs and providing you and your family with the support that you require on a daily basis and during times of difficulty.

Please indicate your level of satisfaction on our membership package by clicking on the relevant circle alongside each component and please add any further comments in the space provided:

On a scale of 0 - 4 with 0 being unimportant and 4 being very important; how important is it for you and your household to have access to the following support services:

4 3 2 1 0

Our aim is to support you in your role and to ensure we meet that aim, we welcome your views on how we can improve our services.

Please use the space provided to share any comments you have or to let us know if there are any additional services services you would like to have access to. You can also write any compliments that you feel are appropriate here too!

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