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Vision Values & Beliefs

FosterTalk is an independent, not-for- profit organisation, focused solely on providing high quality, independent, professional support to our members.

As an organisation we are committed to working in partnership with our members and to ensuring that their voice is heard in all the many systems and processes in which they are involved.

Our objective is to provide comprehensive support packages that make a difference to Foster Carers and the children and young people they look after, and to enhance the in-house support that fostering services already provide to their Foster Carers.

Our Vision:

Is for FosterTalk to be the leading independent provider of support services to foster carers in the UK

Our Values and Beliefs

FosterTalk works to a set of values and beliefs that are at the heart of how we provide services to Foster Carers. These values also represent the attitudes and behaviours that our staff are expected to demonstrate in their day-to-day work. Partnership working is at the core of these values and of the services we provide.

FosterTalk’s values and beliefs can be summarized as follows:

We believe that everyone has the right to feel valued and enabled to achieve their goals; that everyone has the right to feel safe and to be offered protection from abuse, harassment or discrimination.
We believe that everyone has the right to be treated with respect and to express their views and opinions; that they should be listened to and their views and opinions received in a non-judgmental way.
We believe that all our dealings with commissioners and service users should be conducted with honesty, openness and integrity, and that services offered should be responsive, professional and flexible according to the wishes of the service user/member.

We believe that foster carers are entitled to independent support at times of conflict with their fostering service, regardless of whether or not they are deemed to be “at fault” and that the services provided to them should be confidential, should empower them to express their views and to have their voice heard in the systems and processes in which they are involved.

We believe that the welfare of the child is paramount and that by providing a high quality comprehensive package of independent support to foster carers, in recognition of the essential work that they do, they will be enabled and encouraged to provide high quality care to the children they look after, and that fostering services will see an increase in recruitment and retention of foster carers.

We believe in opening lines of communication that best meet the needs of our service users, whether that is by telephone, sms, email, website, online member’s forums or Facebook. All communications are treated as confidential and responded to appropriately. FosterTalk welcomes all comments about our services, whether positive or negative.

We believe that all those who work for FosterTalk are accountable for their actions to colleagues, clients and members. FosterTalk encourages feedback and facilitates evaluation and continuous monitoring of all our services in order to ensure that this is received. Feedback is used to inform policy and practice review and for staff learning and development.

For more information or to arrange a meeting, please contact FosterTalk today.

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