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Current Consultations - Scotland

Draft Statutory Guidance on Corporate Parenting: Consultation - Scotland

The Scottish Government is consulting on draft Statutory Guidance on Part 9 (Corporate Parenting) of the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014. The guidance is intended to clarify the duties of corporate parents and support corporate parents to develop practices to improve the outcomes for looked after children and care leavers.

Further details and a link to the consultation document can be found on the Scottish Government website.


Closing date: 2 March 2015.

National Child Protection Guidance Refreshed – Scotland

National Guidance for Child Protection in Scotland was published in 2010 and refreshed in 2014 to ensure that it remains relevant and up to date for local agencies and practitioners working together to safeguard and promote the wellbeing of children.  The updated Guidance sets out expectations for strategic planning of services to protect children and young people and highlights responsibilities for services and organisations, individual and shared. 

The guidance is available on:

Increased Rights for Care Leavers from April 2015 – Scotland

From April 2015 young people in residential, foster or kinship care who turn 16 will be entitled to remain looked after until 21 under new provisions of the Children and Young Persons Bill.  It is estimated that around 500 young people will be newly eligible for this entitlement in addition to the Scottish Government’s commitment to providing support to care leavers up to the age of 26.

CELCIS, in partnership with the Scottish Government and other key stakeholders, has produced practice guidance “Staying Put Scotland: providing care leavers with connectedness and belonging” aimed at local authorities and other corporate parenting  partners.

The document can be downloaded at:

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