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About FosterTalk

FosterTalk was born out of the need of Foster Carers who were looking for more focused and specialised independent support.

FosterTalk is an independent, not-for-profit organisation focused on and dedicated to supporting Foster Carers. FosterTalk has been successfully delivering high quality support services to Foster Carers across the UK for 10 years. The support services FosterTalk provide have been developed to increase the availability of independent support available to Foster Carers, enhance placement stability and support fostering service providers in the recruitment and retention of Foster Carers across the UK.

FosterTalk is a not-for-profit organisation limited by guarantee so therefore no shareholders. If FosterTalk make a profit it is ploughed back into enhancing the services available to Foster Carers, for example recruiting additional support staff and further development for practical support for Foster Carers. Profits are ploughed directly back into services for the benefit of clients who commission the services and foster carer members who use the services.

Our objective is to provide comprehensive support to actively make a difference in the lives of Foster Carers, including those of the children and young people they look after.

The services we offer have been developed by highly experienced Social Workers, Children's Services experts, Fostering Service Providers and Foster Carers. By using this knowledge and experience we can ensure that FosterTalk remains innovative, flexible and responsive in our approach to supporting foster carer households.

Why FosterTalk?

We’re currently the only organisation focused solely on the provision of support to Foster Carers. We know that it’s vital to listen to and understand the needs of our service users at all levels in order to provide a comprehensive support system that will make a difference to the Foster Carers, their children and young people and Fostering Service Providers.

For more information, or to discuss your support requirements, please contact FosterTalk today.

FosterTalk Limited, Registered Company in England and Wales
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Registered Company Number: 06318354