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Foster Carer Awards 2014

To commemorate FosterTalk’s 10th anniversary in 2014, we would like YOU to help us mark this special occasion by nominating foster carers for our very special Foster Carer Awards.

All foster carers do an amazing selfless job but FosterTalk would like to reward 10 foster carers AND 10 children’s charities each with £100 as a token of appreciation.

So if you know an extra special foster carer, here is your chance to shout about how great they are. You can nominate more than one fostering star and you can nominate someone for more than one category.

To enter simply fill in our nomination form and provide all the reasons why you think your nominee deserves the award. Entries are received by secure email and information protected in line with FosterTalk’s confidentiality policy.

The deadline for nominations is Friday 12th September 2014. Click here to see the full terms and conditions for nominations.



A crucial service that has a huge impact on the retention of Foster Carers.

Local Authority Children’s Services Manager

I chose FosterTalk because their support makes all the difference.

Foster Carer

If it hadn’t been for FosterTalk, I don’t know how I’d have coped.

Foster Carer

FosterTalk Celebrates Successful
Year of Delivering Vital
overnment Service

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Welcome to FosterTalk

FosterTalk is an independent, not-for-profit organisation providing high quality professional support to Foster Carers in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Foster Carer Memberships

Foster Carer Memberships provide Foster Carers with the most comprehensive range of specialised support services, that benefit the whole of the fostering household. Memberships are available by bulk subscription through Fostering Service Providers, enabling them to demonstrate their commitment to supporting and rewarding their foster families.

Foster Carers can purchase individual memberships - become a member of FosterTalk.

FISS - Foster Carers Independent Support Services

Foster Carer Independent Support Service (FISS) provides advocacy and support during difficult times such as complaints and allegations against Foster Carers, making the process clearer and easier for everyone involved. FISS is flexible and responsive, ensuring a joined up approach and assisting in the recruitment and retention of Foster Carers.

Download FosterTalk FISS leaflet

Tax & Accountancy Services

Foster Carer Members have unlimited access to FosterTalk’s Tax Helpline.  Our specialist team of tax and accountancy advisors have the knowledge and experience to offer professional, confidential advice and support to foster families with their tax and accountancy affairs. Here are some of the areas that FosterTalk members use the Tax helpline for:

  • Advice on whether you need to register as self-employed
  • Advice on how to register as self-employed
  • Advice on National Insurance contributions
  • Working out your taxable income
  • Advice on Carer Allowances
  • When to pay your tax
  • And much more….

Discounted Fees for Tax Returns

FosterTalk’s tax and accountancy team not only specialises in looking after foster carers tax affairs but also offers discounted fees for the preparation and submission of your self-assessment tax returns as well as other accountancy services.

FosterTalk partnership with BAAF!

BAAF Adoption & Fostering

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More and more Fostering Service Providers are switching to FosterTalk. View Partners.
FosterTalk partners over 80 Local Authorities & Independent Fostering Agencies in supporting their foster families.
More and more Fostering Service Providers are switching to FosterTalk. View Partners.
Visit the Memberships section to explore the full range of member benefits.
From legal expenses insurance to accountancy and tax advice, education advice to high street discounts... and much more!
Visit the Memberships section to explore the full range of member benefits.
FISS improves the recruitment and retention of Foster Carers.
FISS offers locally based, independent Advisors to provide advocacy and support for foster families during difficult times.
FISS improves the recruitment and retention of Foster Carers.
FosterTalk welcomes Foster Carer Members to our secure members only forum to share ideas.
Share your views and thoughts with others involved in fostering. Anyone can visit our Public Forum.
FosterTalk welcomes Foster Carer Members to our secure members only forum to share ideas.

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